This Week’s Xbox One Game Deals Revealed

The Xbox One store discounts games every week, but this time around, it’s focusing more on DLC for games like Monster Hunter: World, XCOM 2, and many more. However, there are a couple of excellent games discounted as well, including Red Dead Redemption 2, Borderlands 3, and The Outer Worlds for $30 each down from $60. Many of these deals are exclusive to Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, so please double-check that you’re eligible for the discounts before purchasing anything.

Red Dead Redemption 2 was awarded GameSpot’s Game of the Year 2018, and it’s one of the most incredible stories ever seen in a video game. Its huge open world, slow-paced western style, and fantastic characters all make it something to truly love, and at $30, it’s a steal. The Outer Worlds, on the other hand, is one of GameSpot’s best games of 2019, as it’s an exciting RPG adventure in space, where you’ll talk or shoot your way out of every situation. However, if you’re a Game Pass Ultimate member, you don’t need to pay anything to play it, as it’s included as part of your subscription.

Other games worth checking out this week include Batman: Arkham Knight Premium Edition for $20 down from $40. This gets you the base game and all of its DLC, which is absolutely worth it. You get two playable DLC mini-campaigns starring Batgirl and Nightwing as well as the villain-focused Season of Infamy campaign. On top of that, you’ll snag so many costumes you’ll have trouble choosing which one to dress Batman in–it’s seriously the best part of the game.

There’s also a great deal on BioShock: The Collection for $12 down from $60. It comes with all three BioShock games, including one of my all-time favourites, BioShock Infinite. They’re excellent sci-fi games with exciting and interesting stories, and if you’re looking for something that’ll be hard to put down, this collection is definitely it.

You can grab another one of my all-time favourites at a discount as well. Rocket League is currently $10 down from $20, and it’s still one of the best action-sports games of all time.

Lastly, there are two great DLC expansions on sale. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s expansion pass is $10 down from $25 and boasts two incredible campaigns that are a no-brainer for anyone who loved the main story. XCOM 2: War of the Chosen is $16 down from $40 and introduced a lot to the XCOM sequel–if you need more reasons to defend Earth from extraterrestrial baddies, then this is for you.

Most of these games will be available on sale until March 10, though be sure to check the individual times for each game to be sure. The Xbox One store is always trading in new deals for old ones, so the timing can be a little confusing–thankfully, each game lists how many days are left for its discount right below the price. We’ve collected some of the best deals below, but there are plenty more on the Xbox One, so be sure to check the full sale to see them all.

Xbox One game deals

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