World Of Tanks “Road To Berlin” Mode Is Now Live, Offering New PvE Combat Scenarios

World of Tanks has a new mode live now, and it’ll be available until May 18. It’s called Road to Berlin, and it’s a player vs. enemy mode that will let players choose between five different units to combat their enemies. Each unit features a unique set of combat boosts (like the ability to call in airstrikes or special shells), and you can play it in teams of five.

The battles in this mode each consist of five sequences, called Battle Missions, which will feature different objectives that need to be completed to progress. There’s a brand new map to play on–Berlin–and three others to move through. The Berlin map will not be available until May 9, which is the 75th anniversary of the ceasefire that ended World War II.

You can learn more about this mode in the trailer below.

Players will be able to unlock numerous rewards by playing this mode, including bounty equipment and a medal, while players who complete everything will be able to unlock the IS-2 Shielded tank.

World of Tanks is nine years old now, but it’s still going strong. Last year, well before Fortnite’s huge Travis Scott concert, World of Tanks hosted a performance by The Offspring.

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