More Evidence Of Rumored Low-Cost Xbox Has Been Found

There have long been rumors of another version of the Xbox Series X, codenamed Project Lockhart–and more evidence of its continued development has just been unearthed. As picked up by IGN, a Twitter user posted a screenshot of a reference to “Xbox-Lockhart” in the Windows OS, in response to an article claiming the rumored console is purely legendary.

In past interviews, Microsoft spokespeople have refused to comment on rumors of a second Xbox Series X console, though speculation has been rife since the Series X was still known as Project Scarlett.

The console is rumored to be a disc-free, digital-only version of the Xbox Series X, with some expecting it to be launched as the Xbox Series S. Without an official confirmation, however, details are still scarce on the ground–but for Project Lockhart hopefuls, there’s still a chance that a second Xbox console is in the works.

Whether or not another console is launching, Microsoft is still focusing all its efforts on the Xbox Series X.

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