Valorant 2.06 Patch Notes: Buffs Viper And Yoru, Nerfs Bucky

Valorant’s Masters tournament is now over, and Riot has rolled out a new patch for its competitive shooter that makes major changes to several characters and significantly nerfs the Bucky shotgun. The patch also includes a bundle of bug fixes and a new surround sound option, so check out the patch notes below for all the details.

Riot has buffed Viper so many times that it’s become a meme of sorts in the Valorant community, but this latest fix might finally boost her fortunes. Her Toxin now deals at least 50 decay on any contact with Viper’s Poison Cloud, Toxic Screen, or Viper’s Pit abilities, which is a major debuff. Her Poison Cloud can now also be instantly redeployed when picked up, but the charge you receive will be temporary, not permanent. Additionally, both Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud remain up for 2 seconds even after Viper dies, meaning she still has some bite even when she goes down.

Yoru has received more straightforward changes, with his Blindside flash now lasting longer and taking less time to activate. Though his Gatecrash teleport is now on a 35-second refresh timer rather than resetting on kills, the fragment’s lifetime has increased to 30 seconds. The popular Bucky shotgun has been altered as well, with a tighter spread on both its firing modes, and less pellets on its right-click, which is a significant nerf. Full patch notes are below.

Valorant 2.06 Patch NotesAGENT UPDATESVIPER

In the wake of Masters we’re introducing some bigger updates to our Agents, with Viper first in line. We looked at a lot of possible changes for her, but ultimately landed on changes that pushed what makes Viper’s play pattern unique and still resonate with her theme. When compared to other Controllers, we want Viper to make big, committed decisions that truly alter the map and how both sides plan around her influence. She should claim ground with force and dare opponents to challenge her. The updates to Toxin should also project more threat on enemies who consider pushing her smoke and will hopefully add a significant bite to her marque Toxic Screen. Paired with a couple other buffs and some new tools for learning and practicing lineups, we’re excited to see if Viper can deliver on the deadly impact she promises while solidifying her spot on our roster.

Toxin (passive)

Enemies that cross through Viper’s Poison Cloud, Toxic Screen, or Viper’s Pit are instantly inflicted with at least 50 decay. Their decay level increases the longer they remain in contact with toxin.

While in cloud, Decay over time decreased 15 >>> 10

When out of Viper’s cloud, delay before health regen decreased 2.5 >>> 1.5

Poison Cloud (Q)

Can now immediately be redeployed when picked up, but grants a temporary charge instead of a permanent charge

If active when Viper dies, Poison Cloud now remains up for an additional 2 seconds, or until Viper runs out of fuel.

Pickup distance increased 200 >>> 400

Toxic Screen (E)

If active when Viper dies, Toxic Screen now remains up for an additional 2 seconds before deactivating

Full blind distance from the wall increased to better match the blind distance from the edge of smokes

Snakebite (C)Equip time decreased 1.1 >>> .8Practice Tools

In custom games with cheats and infinite abilities enabled, Viper can hold down “activate” on Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen to recall them

In custom games with cheats and infinite abilities enabled, Poison Cloud’s landing location is shown on the minimap while equipped


Yoru carries a fantasy that you’ve been excited to see through, but we believe a few restrictions have made it harder to access. Although Yoru is a unique duelist on the roster, both in pace and in playstyle, we think he should still be a strong contender for good compositions and want to ensure the value he offers to his team is more consistent throughout a match.

Blindside (Q)

Flash activation time decreased 0.8>>> 0.6 seconds

Flash duration increased from 1.1>>>1.5

Gatecrash (E)

Gatecrash is no longer refreshed on kills and is instead replenished every 35 seconds

Lifetime of the Gatecrash fragment increased 20 seconds >>> 30 seconds

The range at which the Gatecrash fragment is revealed from stealth decreased 7m >>> 4m

Visuals for visibility range added to the moving fragment

Dimensional Drift (X)Ult Points reduced 7 >>> 6Yoru can now reactivate Gatecrash while in Dimensional DriftKILLJOYNanoswarm (C)Killjoy can now pick up deployed Nanoswarm grenades during the buy phase to get the charge backWEAPON UPDATESBUCKY

We want to focus the Bucky more on it’s actual primary firing mode (left click) and make that the strength you try to optimize when choosing a bucky vs its alternate firing mode (right-click). The right click should be more of a tool you can use when you can’t get into that effective left-click range, or you just need some reliable chip damage. The spreads are reduced on both to increase reliability and smooth the damage curve. The alt-fire’s significant reduction in pellet count is a trade off to being able to extend the range as much as it does for a shotgun.

Primary fire (left-click) bullet spread decreased 3.4 >>> 2.6Decreased spread on Alt-fire (right-click) 3.4 >>> 2.0Updated damage curve for both primary and alt-fire 0m–8m is 20dmg per pellet8m–12m is 12dmg per pelletBeyond 12m is 9dmg per pelletReduced amount of pellets in a right click shot from 15 >>> 5MODES UPDATESESCALATION

We’ve taken a pass on a couple abilities to add depth to their gameplay and create some more dynamic combat situations, as well as added some spicy loadout variations to the mix.


Raze’s Showstopper now comes with two Blast Pack Charges which refill when you touch the ground. Practice those boosts!Snowball Launcher now comes with Skates—the increased mobility should give you an edge against the generally more lethal weapons.Big Knife now comes with one Tailwind (Jett Dash) charge which refills on kill. Close all the gaps!Loadout variations will be a bit of a surprise, and they’ll show up rarely. Let us know which ones you like!COMPETITIVE UPDATESYou can now view a person’s career from the in-game Leaderboard We heard some of you asking for the ability to view more info around how the best of the best were doing in their games. So you can now right click on a leaderboard entry and view their career to check out their Match History, see details of their games, and look at their Act Rank progress.If you are on the the Leaderboard, but don’t want to give away who you are, you can leverage our in-client toggle to label yourself a ‘Secret Agent’.QUALITY OF LIFETo improve legibility, the megamap now consistently uses a mouse pointer instead of a crosshair for map pingsHead Related Transfer Function (HRTF)

What direction did those Raze footsteps come from? Is she moving from in front or behind you? With HRTF on and a pair of headphones, you’ll be able to better pinpoint other players based on certain sounds.

HRTF processing relies on a profile that contains measurements such as head size and ear shape, among other things. This implementation uses a profile based on a single set of measurements, and may not feel natural at first to all listeners depending on how closely the profile matches their own measurements. We encourage users to give HRTF a few tries as it may take some getting used to. Focused ear training outside a high pressure game environment may pay off in better ability to interpret the HRTF processing. We suggest a custom game or training for this! Watch our video demo below.

Added an audio toggle located in the Audio settings panel to enable HRTF HRTF allows players wearing headphones to play audio in a simulated surround sound audio space.Currently, only footsteps, reloads, and Deathmatch respawns will be rendered in 3D with HRTF enabled.It’s recommended that players please turn off any other “3D Audio” processing while using this feature.BUGS


Fixed Raze’s Boombot blowing up when it hit the Spike if she was on defender sideFixed unintentional delay when deactivating Viper’s Poison Orb or Toxic ScreenFixed Yoru’s 1P audio on Gatecrash sometimes playing twice when casting the teleportFixed issue where it looks like Astra is casting a Star but doesn’t actually create one when targeting close to another StarFixed issue with Astra’s Star targeting being unreliable on stairs and slopesFixed players not being removed from possessables when their base Agent is detainedFixed issue where Cypher’s Spycam broke Sage’s Barrier Orb when placed close to it. We see your tricks.Fixed issue where Omen’s targeting world could have Astra’s materials if he had spectated herFixed Reyna and Yoru taking decay damage while intangible


Fixed an issue where spectating Astra could cause Omen’s Dark Cover Phased World map to display as pink.


Fixed a bug that was causing Act Rank badges to show your top wins out of orderFixed a bug that was showing the “Hide Act Rank” button when viewing a friend’s careerFixed a bug where Party leaders couldn’t kick Observers from a Custom Game lobbyFixed a bug that caused the last round’s Combat Score to not properly display sometimes


Fixed a bug where AFK warnings were not being displayed at the end-of-game screen.Fixed a bug where comms-banned players were not receiving the explanatory message indicating that they will not be able to queue for ranked while the comms ban is in effectA timer has been added to indicate how long until queue restricted players can queue in ranked games again after receiving a penaltyFixed a bug where team voice chat indicators sometimes did not appear at the end of the roundFixed a bug where players previously could not type special characters and certain punctuation in the comment field on the Report a Player menuFixed a bug where matches that ended through vanguard’s cheater detection would wrongfully penalize innocent players for being AFK We apologize for this and have removed penalties from affected player accounts.

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