Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s 6.1.1 Patch Introduces One Tiny Change

Super Smash Bros Ultimate has received a minor new update today, and it’s natural to wonder when you see the game update what has just been added. Update 6.1.1 for the hit Switch fighter is such a small change, though, that most players will not notice it. Don’t worry about tier changes or balance shifts that will affect how you play–this update is just for amiibo support.

Update 6.1.1 implements support for the Dark Samus and Richter amiibo, both of which release on January 17. The update will allow you to use both amiibo in-game, leveling them up and fighting against them as you would with any other amiibo fighter.

Releasing January 17, 2020

Get it at Best Buy–$16

Get it at Best Buy–$16

The majority of Super Smash Bros Ultimate fighters have now received amiibo, except for the characters available in the Season Pass–Joker, Hero, Banjo-Kazooie, Terry, and an unannounced fifth fighter, and whoever else Nintendo will release in the future.

This update is necessary to play the game online. Local wireless play is not compatible with earlier versions, and replay compatibility is available for replays saved on ver. 6.1.0, but not 6.0.0 or earlier.

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