New Game+ Digital Event Brings Together Sega, WayForward, And More

After E3 was cancelled due to the coronavirus, the ESA considered holding it as a digital event but ultimately scrapped those plans and left individual announcements up to publishers. A collective of 14 North American and Japan publishers have now announced their own event, called New Game+ Expo, to take place in June.

The announcement promises a lineup of 40 games, including new game announcements and live gameplay demos. The publisher list includes names like Aksys, Koei Tecmo, Sega, and WayForward. You can check out the full list of publishers below.

The New Game+ Expo will air via Twitch on June 23, 2020 at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET, and then trailers and highlights will hit the expo YouTube channel. In a statement, NGPX organizer Adam Johnson implied this may last into future years.

“New Game+ Expo is a grassroots coalition of publishers and developers,” he said in the announcement. “Organizing together for the first time, we hope fans have fun as we take a look at the combined upcoming lineup of games for 2020 and beyond!”

E3 isn’t the only conference impacted by the COVID pandemic. Gamescom has canceled its on-site event and moved to an all-digital one, and shifted its dates in the process. GDC, which usually takes place in the spring, first tentatively moved to a summer date and then also moved to a digital event.

GameSpot is planning its own summer showcase with Play For All, which will serve as a hub for game announcements as well as a charity relief effort. Sega is one of GameSpot’s partners for the event.

New Game+ Expo Publisher ListActtilAKSYS GamesArc System Works AmericaGungHo AmericaIdea Factory InternationalInti CreatesKOEI TECMO AmericaNatsume Inc.NIS America, Inc.PLAYISMSega of AmericaSNK CorporationSpike Chunsoft, Inc.WayForward

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