Katy Perry Is Helping Pokemon Celebrate 25 Years

To celebrate the franchise’s 25th anniversary, Pokemon is teaming up with popular musical artists including Katy Perry to create the soundtrack for its year of anniversary festivities.

Starting in March with the Galar region, the Pokemon Company will be taking a look at a past Pokemon region each month. There will also be various events, promotions, and merchandise released throughout the year to celebrate this landmark anniversary.

To tease these upcoming festivities, and its collaboration with Perry, the Pokemon Company has released a special video that’s a major nostalgia trip. It follows a sort of Pokemon-themed Rube Goldberg machine launching Poke Balls through various city and landscapes, complete with Game Boy cartridges toppling like dominoes, holographic trading cards, and all the plushies you could imagine. Detective Pikachu even makes a cameo.

Different versions of iconic music from the games plays throughout as well, leading up to the reveal of Katy Perry’s involvement as a Pikachu plushie skateboards into a disco ball which proceeds to hit a record player, teasing the new Perry tune. It’s unclear what the full extent of her song/collaboration will be, but the video ends with a neon Pikachu sign and Perry singing “electric” so it’s probably not a stretch to assume her work will be tied to our favorite electric mouse in one way or another.

So far, Perry is the only artist whose involvement in the anniversary event has been officially confirmed, but according to its site, the Pokemon Company is planning on collaborating with at least a few others as well. For more details on these artist collaborations and what other surprises the Pokemon Company has up its sleeve, trainers will just have to sit tight and keep their eyes peeled for updates. In the meantime, we can all gear up for whatever surprises are waiting in Galar in March.

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