The Pokemon Company Is Cracking Down On Sword And Shield Cheaters

The Pokemon Company is implementing stricter measures to deal with cheaters in Pokemon Sword and Shield. The company released a statement in Pokemon Home addressing the issue and outlining some of the ways in which it plans to penalize those who alter game data or use hacked Pokemon.

“We are aware that some users are playing Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, as well as using Pokemon Home, with altered data,” the statement begins. “Additionally, certain users have been causing issues that impair the function of games or apps or that cause problems for others.”

The statement goes on to list the measures The Pokemon Company will take against users suspected of using altered data, including banning them from online play in Sword and Shield and preventing them from using Pokemon Home’s trading features. The company says it may even suspend hackers’ Pokemon Home access entirely on both Switch and mobile devices.

“These measures may be applied temporarily or indefinitely at The Pokemon Company’s discretion. No refunds or repayments will be issued as a result of these measures,” the statement continues. “Please be aware that similar measures will be taken regularly in the future and that additional restrictions and other measure may be imposed without notice. We will continue to regularly watch for and address improper or disruptive behavior in order to help our users enjoy a worry-free experience.”

This isn’t the first time The Pokemon Company has announced plans to deal with cheaters. Last August, the company released a statement saying it was aware that some users had deposited hacked Pokemon into Pokemon Home, and that it would be taking measures to remove these altered monsters.

In other Pokemon news, a Lunar New Year Max Raid event is now underway in Sword and Shield. This weekend, Tauros, Miltank, and Bouffalant will all be appearing in Max Raid dens more frequently than normal to celebrate the Year of the Ox, and players will have a chance to encounter Shiny Tauros in five-star Raids. That event runs until 3:59 PM PT / 6:59 PM ET / 11:59 PM UTC on Sunday, January 24.

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