Destiny 2 Presage Secrets Guide: All Scan Objects For The Figments Of An Answer Triumph

The new Presage Exotic mission in Destiny 2 sends you to a derelict Cabal ship to uncover what happened to its crew–and a fellow Guardian. There are many secrets hidden in the mission, including some tidbits that can reveal its story and unlock a Triumph called Figments of an Answer. To earn it, you’ll need to find and scan five different specific objects hidden in the mission.

Because the Glykon, the ship where Presage takes place, is so twisting and huge, it can be very easy to miss the five objects you’re looking for and the story that goes with them. We’ve marked down everything you need to find on the Glykon to unlock Figments of an Answer and get your first look deeper into Destiny 2’s strange new mission.

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How To Earn The Figments Of An Answer Triumph

Here’s where to find each scannable object hidden in the Glykon during the Presage mission. These items won’t be available until your second run through the mission, so keep that in mind.

Object 1: Cabal Bodies

These Cabal, found wrapped in purple vines, are in the first room when you enter the Glykon proper.

Progress through the ship until you make it to the switch that opens the door to the loading ramp where you first spawned in on the Glykon. Throwing the switch unlocks the door that leads into the ship proper. As soon as you go through, you’ll be confronted with some weird plantlife. In the center of the room, you’ll see several Cabal bodies have been grabbed by the vines and suspended in the air. Scan them for your first hint at what’s going on in this place.

Object 2: Scorn Helmets

You’ll find these helmets just ahead of the first electrical barrier you encounter. They’re easy to miss, especially if you’re using the spores to sprint through the Darkness-sealed doorway they’re lying beside.

Continue forward until you hit a room with a pair of big electrical barriers splitting it apart. You’ll start on one side of this room and enter a narrower hallway in order to reach a switch. To get to the other side, you’ll need to jump a gap, then use spores to run through a sealed Darkness doorway. Before you do that, however, jump across and check to the right of the sealed door to find two Scorn helmets lying on the floor beside the path forward.

Object 3: The Guardian’s Jump Ship

You’ll find this ship in the back corner of the hangar after you fight two Darkmind Abominations. Scan it before you make your way back out around the edge of the ship.

After you complete the section with the trash compactor, you’ll drop into a fight with some Scorn enemies and see the Locus of Communion for the first time. Keep moving until you enter the ship’s hangar for a big fight with two Abomination Majors. Clear the room and head toward the back left corner, where you’ll exit out the big hangar opening and go back out into space. Before you do, scan the ship right next to the exit. It belongs to the Guardian you’re searching for, and it’s outfitted with some Season of Opulence gear.

Object 4: Dark Ether Canisters

These canisters are lying in a corner next to one of the switches you need to hit in a room featuring another electrical barrier.

Before much longer, you’ll hit another room with an electrical barrier, but this one will be above you. You’ll unlock a door exposing a power conduit that lets you interrupt the barrier briefly so you can pass through it. On the other side, turn left to find a side room with a switch clearing the path back to the far side of the barrier. To the right of the switch are some canisters with a light blue liquid inside, your fourth piece of evidence.

Object 5: Calus’s Message

After defeating the boss, exit the boiler room and continue until you blow a hole in a ventilation shaft and drop down. Do a 180 and climb over the square piece of machinery to find a message from Calus hidden behind it.

The fifth and final scannable object appears after your boss fight with the Locus of Communion. Defeat it and leave the boiler room through the newly opened door. Continue until you can blow open a hole in the floor and drop down into a ventilation shaft lit in red. Instead of continuing down the clear path, turn the other way and hop over the low pile of junk to get to an open space on the other side, where you’ll find a little hologram of Calus’s face. Scan it for one last tidbit of info about what happened aboard the Glykon.

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